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What is IT Staff Augmentation?

The goal of IT staff augmentation is to provide your team with on-demand access to additional talent. This increases the scalability and effectiveness of project development by enabling organizations to quickly discover the ideal candidate for difficult-to-fill or temporary positions.

Companies all across the world now use IT staff augmentation services to accomplish their objectives more quickly and affordably. Any organization may avoid all roadblocks associated with finding, attracting, and maintaining qualified software engineers with the assistance of these professionals.

Why Staff Augmentation?

Temporary staffing is a flexible strategy that can help a business achieve its objectives more successfully. All employee needs, including hiring, leave requests, and compensation perks, will be handled by the staffing firm. With staff augmentation, a company may easily get the required skills for any project.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

As a result of our extensive experience in the IT sector, Rays TechServ has access to a talent pool of great professionals in a variety of fields. Our IT staff augmentation services make sure that you acquire the greatest personnel at fair pay scales, no matter what talent requirements you may have. Our services are available on a project-by-project, contract-by-contract, or long-term basis. We pledge to supply you with exceptional personnel that will help your business successfully complete project requirements. 

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Benefits of IT staffing

Misconceptions Regarding IT Staff Augmentation


Could hiring augmented staff potentially end up costing more than recruiting, employing, and keeping internal staff? 99% of the time, no. In addition to not having additional personnel costs like health insurance, ongoing training, office supplies, etc., augmented teams also don't live in places where the cost of living is lower, which lowers their wages.


Although the ability to save money is one of the reasons IT staffing services gained popularity a few decades ago, this is unquestionably not the feature you want to emphasize. The most valuable resource in the software development process is talent. You have access to the top engineers in the area thanks to staff augmentation.

Creating design:

Although the majority of software development firms that offer staffing services also outsource development, these two approaches are very different. Essentially, IT Staffing provides the talent for your internal personnel. And when it comes to software outsourcing all of the workload shifts to your vendor.

Benefits of Hiring Rays TechServ for Staff Augmentation

Reduced Operating Costs:

Eliminating the expenses of office space, equipment, and taxes will significantly decrease your company’s spending. In fact, invest money in things that will benefit your business the most.

Recruiting is not a burden:

Your business will avoid the trouble of looking for and hiring qualified development expertise with the help of our IT augmentation services. We handle the selection procedure and send you the CVs that meet the standard.

Access to qualified talent pool:

You will immediately obtain access to a huge talent pool at reasonable prices with Rays TechServ. Hire qualified software specialists to strengthen your team.

Advanced Technology Specialists

Data Science

Internet of things

Cloud Technology

Big Data Analytics


Augmented and Virtual Reality

Artificial Technology

Are you eager to expand your team?

Do you wish to collaborate with one of the best staff augmentation company? Your company will benefit from the best staff augmentation services provided by our software developers as they scale, develop, and grow.


With full-time employees, you must pay for benefits, wages, infrastructure costs, and more. By using the staff augmentation approach, you can avoid these expenditures.

Certainly no. Staff augmentation is a recruiting strategy that heavily emphasizes time and resource savings while bringing on top talent.

Totally, yes! Under staff augmentation services, we specialize in remote recruitment, remote onboarding, remote documentation, and contracts-related duties.