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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile App Development Cost In 2023

Having an amazing app idea in mind?

Looking forward to bringing that idea into reality?

Then gear up because there are plenty of things that need to be taken into consideration when we speak about mobile app development.

Most of the people think that building an app is all about approaching an app development company but in reality, that is not enough. There are numerous things that need to be taken into consideration before you approach an associated company. 

Since the launch of the two most popular mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, the cost of developing apps has been very different. 

According to numerous studies by reputable app development businesses, the cost of developing iOS and Android apps would be nearly comparable by the year 2023.

It is difficult to ascertain a particular amount of figure when it comes to mobile app development because every company has separate needs and demands which contributes to their app development cost. The overall development time and hourly rates, however, can be taken into account to swiftly determine an app development cost estimate. 

Having stated that, we may apply some standard or average benchmarks for app development project costs to various app categories. Based on data from numerous businesses who have calculated these app development costs based on their study into customer projects, these benchmarks have a rather wide range.

How Long it Takes to Build an App?


The time required to build an app depends upon the nature of your app. Suppose if you are developing a basic app then it won’t take you much time whereas if you are looking forward to creating an app with a wide range of features and complexities then obviously that would require more time.

There is no point doing things hurriedly because at the end that would your loss only and going forward people would recognize your brand through your app. So, better spend good amount of time and efforts in planning and creation of an app.

Factors Determining Mobile App Development Cost

Kind of app: 

The type of app you are building is the first factor that has a significant impact on how much it will cost to produce. The logic, function, and general purpose that you want your app to serve are just a few of the numerous considerations that go into app classification. Knowing what kind of app your idea is—a gaming app, a social media app, an e-commerce app, a lifestyle app, etc.—is crucial. 

By assisting in determining the features you’re going to add or whether you need to spend more on app marketing and visual design enhancement, it directly influences the cost of developing an app.

For instance, an app with basic features will be less expensive to create. However, adding AI, AR, or VR to an app you’re making opens up new possibilities that will eventually be more expensive.


Features are undoubtedly the most important thing that help in deciding the overall app development cost.

The more features you will add the more cost will increase, the less features you will keep, the more cost-friendly the app would be.

Additionally, more complex features cost more to produce overall because they take longer to develop than simpler ones.

While deciding the list the features you wish your app to have, you need to take into account the short term and long-term goals of your organization along with your target audience because going forward that app would become the representation of your brand.

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Number and nature of platform:

Number and the nature of platform you wish to introduce your app acts as a very important deciding factor in app development cost. 

It will also assist decide the development method, whether the software will be designed for native or cross-platform. If you develop natively for a single platform, there won’t be a big difference in the development cost for iOS and Android. 

However, the timeline could fluctuate based on the complexity of features and functions to be implemented. Therefore, the price would be directly related to the required number of hours. But if you’re creating for two platforms individually obviously the price would increase.

Maintenance costs: 

Building an app is not enough you need to invest in it’s maintenance as well. By enhancing the app in accordance with their evolving expectations, you must keep your users satisfied and retain them. 

It comprises putting new features, upgrades, and bug fixes into place as well as doing urgent maintenance. The price of third-party services, servers, databases, and other app infrastructure costs are also included.

App development team: The app development team you will partner with for the purpose of developing an app will play a significant part in deciding your mobile app development cost. 

A seasoned app development company will assist you in time and money savings while delivering work of the highest calibre. Also, they will remain in loop till the time app is developed completely.

Summing up!


As seen above that there are numerous factors that determine your mobile app development cost and it may vary from idea to idea. And the role of app development team cannot be underestimated at all because they are the ones who would bring your app idea into reality.

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