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IT Staffing Solutions


Bringing in the appropriate personnel is crucial for any business because any kind tech gaps could result in loss for a business.

Rays TechServ recognizes the significance of this and provides you with on-demand access to top-tier personnel that will add to your business in the long run. 

Staffing Agency in Canada

Our company strategy provides a flexible, cost-effective, and less risky model for meeting your employment needs by delivering experts on a temporary or permanent basis.

We do both national and international hiring, realizing that our success is directly related to the satisfaction of our clients. 

Technical IT Outsourcing: Bringing in IT specialists with technical expertise and tech-focused skills.

Assessing the workforce:Practical examination of business information that speeds company, workforce, and talent decisions.

Insights based on data:Evaluating the data-driven insights and applying them to improve results and establish talent strategies

Staffing Models we employ

Dedicated team: We put together a development team to work with your internal development department or outside vendors on certain tasks. Basically, our goal is to hire project specialists with the necessary skills to manage project activities through a variety of communication channels. 

Complete project outsourcing: In this arrangement, we take care of your company’s entire software development project. By eliminating the hiring, onboarding, and training of full-time development workers, you can significantly reduce your development expenditures. 

IT services management: We handle your company’s IT operations and routinely check your IT infrastructure to guarantee its integrity. 

Adding to the team: We collaborate momentarily with your business. We don’t take over the entire project, and we also don’t limit you to just one task. We’re only working with you on this specific project. This will allow you to finish your project with the greatest amount of efficiency. 

Rapid Recruitment Process

Sending Resume: We start by reviewing your request for team augmentation, look through our resources, and get back to you with the resumes of the best applicants.

Arranging interviews: After getting a list of qualified candidates who have been given the go-ahead, we schedule interviews with them for team augmentation, and for complete outsourcing, we start assembling a self-managed team from our end.

Getting on board: Finally, we start the project by establishing two-way contact between you and the developer.

What sets Rays TechServ apart

We have access to a large talent pool around the globe, which provides us a competitive advantage when fulfilling talent requirements pertaining to any industry.

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